Christmas At Kew Gardens

About Christmas At Kew Gardens

Celebrating Christmas at Kew Gardens would earn you an unforgettable experience. You will be mesmerized the way the Royal Botanical Garden at Ken is decorated during the eve of Christmas. Christmas at kew gardens London is one of the best places to explore with family. The fact that the Kew Gardens hold over 50,000 living plants, and has been listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003 makes it special to celebrate Christmas at Kew Gardens.

The place is the largest pool of flora and fungi making the best destination to celebrate Christmas at kew gardens London. The Kew gardens trails are decorated with amazing lighting, and the mouth-watering food served just astounds you during your visit to this place. Enjoy Christmas at Kew Gardens London to the fullest, by participating in the festivities at night, by walking under the stars via the attractive gardens decorated with different color trees, and walking through the tunnel of light coupled with a beautiful view of waterside reflection, which is on the way to the Palm House light display. During Christmas at Kew Garden, do not miss the twinkling flames of the Fire Garden and tasty street food on the trail. Meeting Father Christmas during this visit would make your Christmas more special.

Why Celebrate Christmas At Kew Gardens?

  • The mind-blowing walk through the attractive lit Royal Botanical Garden at Kew would be an experience to cherish.

  • The fun filled walk under the Tunnels of Light surrounded by the twinkling lights on the trail is yet another exciting experience.

  • The flames flicker in the Fire Garden along with the light and sound show in front of the Palm House is an unmissable experience during Christmas at Kew Gardens.

  • Mouth-watering Christmas treats, amazing food, and yummy winter drinks would serve great, if you are a foodie.

  • Wonder at the eye-catching lights, enormous illuminations of the seed heads, and the trees covered in jewel-like colors backed with mesmerizing music to add more to the excitement.

  • Do not miss to Greet Father Christmas while you indulge in celebrating Christmas at Kew Gardens.

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Visitor Information

Essentials And Attire

The walking trail throughout the garden is not covered, and can be wet at times, so it is advisable for the visitors to wear warm clothes and cozy footwear. One should always carry a torch due to low lighting at some places of the trail making it easy to navigate through the path.

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  • There are efforts made to make the trail fully accessible during the Christmas at Kew Garden but due to some challenging terrains with gradients, it is difficult to access the garden completely, especially during the monsoon season.

  • Visitors are allowed to get wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and buggies for their convenience.

  • There is a special arrangement to borrow the wheelchair but it is exclusively on a first-come-first-served basis model.

  • Registered disability assistance dogs are allowed in the Kew Gardens London.

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Safety And Security

Safety and Security is at the topmost priority during Christmas at Kew Garden.

  • There are robust security checks that are carried out at the entrance gates to ensure full on safety for everyone who are present at Christmas at Kew Garden London.

  • Visitors are advised to inform the nearest staff member if they have identified any suspicious activity or behavior.

  • Make sure the belongings are not left unattended.

  • Take special care of your children and do not allow them to move around into the poorly lit areas of the Gardens to avoid any mishap.

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Food And Drinks

One of the main attractions at Kew garden is the delicious food and drinks. One can find some good foot outlets like the one mentioned below to treat your taste buds.

  • Victoria Plaza Cafe – It is one of the popular café to enjoy a warm cup of coffee or festive drinks along with yummy takeaway food.

  • Pavilion Bar and Grill – For those who love burgers with seasonal salads and plant-based dishes for them Pavilion Bar and Grill would be a good choice.

  • Independent Street Food Vendors – There is nothing like street food and one can find several traders available along the trail to serve you with delicious street food.

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Following are the facilities available during Christmas at kew gardens London

  • Photography – Photography of the trail is allowed but with utmost care taken of other visitors.

  • Toilets – Visitors can use toilets available at Brentford Gate, Victoria Plaza, and Pavilion Bar.

  • Fairground – One can enjoy exciting rides at the fairground during Christmas at Kew. However, it is under review due to COVID-19 but would soon get operational.

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Christmas At kew gardens FAQs

What is the best month to visit Kew Gardens?

The best month to visit Kew Gardens is during winters, especially during Christmas. Since the entire town is indulged in festivities, it is a great time to celebrate Christmas while participating in fun-filled activities at Kew Gardens.

Is it necessary to book Kew Gardens tickets in advance?

Yes, it is highly recommended to book Kew Gardens tickets in advance. This is especially true during peak periods such as weekends, holidays, or special events. By booking in advance, you can secure your desired date and time slot, ensuring a smoother entry into the gardens. Additionally, it helps you avoid potential long queues and the disappointment of tickets being sold out on the day of your visit. 

What makes Kew Gardens special during Christmas?

Christmas at Kew Gardens is very special all because of the amazing winter trail, trees covered in eye-catching jewel-like colors, an amazing light display in front of Palm House, stunning dancing flames in the Fire Garden, and greetings to Father Christmas.

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At what time does Kew Gardens open at Christmas?

Kew Gardens open at Christmas from 4PM in the evening to 10PM at night, and the Last admission is at 8 PM in the night.

How long should you spend at Kew Gardens?

Most visitors take around three hours to walk around the complete length of the Gardens. Hence, it is advisable that if time permits then one should spend the whole day at Kew.

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Can you take photos at Kew Gardens?

Yes, of course, one can take photographs of Christmas at Kew Gardens. Moreover, a Kew staff member is available at your service in case any problem persists.


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